Epilepsy affects at least 6 million people in Europe. Traditional antiepileptic therapies help between 60% and 70% of those affected to remain seizure free. For patients suffering from refractory epilepsy, the clinical outlook is poor. Traditionally, epilepsy has been treated as a single disease, but these conditions are increasingly viewed as a group of rare and complex diseases. ORPHANET — the portal for rare diseases and orphan drugs — lists 137 disorders with epilepsy as the predominant symptom, however many patients remain undiagnosed and without access to treatment.

The network aims: to deliver full access and utilisation of pre-surgical evaluation and epilepsy surgery; to increase diagnosis of rare causes of the epilepsies; to enhance identification of patients with treatable rare causes of the epilepsies; to increase access to specialised care for rare causes; and to foster research on innovative causal treatments in rare and complex epilepsies.

EpiCARE builds on the work of the pilot ERN E-pilepsy which worked to increase awareness and accessibility of epilepsy surgery, for carefully selected individuals, that effectively used e-tools and multidisciplinary team discussion. The EpiCARE network, which includes active participants from patient organisations, seeks to increase the number of seizure free patients in Europe.


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Cognitive phenotypes in patients with drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsy: Relationships with cortisol and affectivity.Cano-López I, Catalán-Aguilar J, Lozano-García A, Hidalgo V, Hampel KG, Tormos-Pons P, Salvador A, Villanueva V, González-Bono E2024-07-04Cognitive phenotypes, affectivity, cognition, cortisol, epilepsyThe Clinical neuropsychologist
Clinical benefit of botulinum toxin for treatment of persistent TMD-related myofascial pain: A randomized, placebo-controlled, cross-over trial.Sitnikova V, Kämppi A, Kämppi L, Alvesalo E, Burakova M, Kemppainen P, Teronen O2024-07-04botulinum toxin type A, myofascial pain, orofacial pain, temporomandibular disorderPain practice : the official journal of World Institute of Pain
The course of tumor-related epilepsy in glioblastoma patients: A retrospective analysis.Stritzelberger J, Gesmann A, Fuhrmann I, Uhl M, Brandner S, Welte TM, Schembs L, Dörfler A, Coras R, Adler W, Schwab S, Putz F, Fietkau R, Distel L, Hamer H2024-06-27Glioblastoma, Radiochemotherapy, Surgery, Tumor-related epilepsyEpilepsy & behavior : E&B
MicroRNA-mediated regulation of neurotransmitter receptors in epilepsy: A systematic review.Sonawane S, Všianský V, Brázdil M2024-06-25Epilepsy, Micro RNA, Neurotransmitter receptorsEpilepsy & behavior : E&B
Seizure Outcome After Intraoperative Electrocorticography-Tailored Epilepsy Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.Guo J, Wang Z, van 't Klooster MA, Van Der Salm SM, Leijten FS, Braun KP, Zijlmans M2024-06-11Neurology
Epilepsy as a Novel Phenotype of BPTF-Related Disorders.Ferretti A, Furlan M, Glinton KE, Fenger CD, Boschann F, Amlie-Wolf L, Zeidler S, Moretti R, Stoltenburg C, Tarquinio DC, Furia F, Parisi P, Rubboli G, Devinsky O, Mignot C, Gripp KW, Møller RS, Yang Y, Stankiewicz P, Gardella E2024-06-11BPTF, Bromodomain PHD finger transcription factor gene, Childhood epilepsy, Genetic epilepsy, Microcephaly, NEDDFL, Neurodevelopmental disorder with dysmorphic facies and distal limb anomaliesPediatric neurology
The expanding clinical and genetic spectrum of DYNC1H1-related disorders.Möller B, Becker LL, Saffari A, Afenjar A, Coci EG, Williamson R, Ward-Melver C, Gibaud M, Sedláčková L, Laššuthová P, Libá Z, Vlčková M, William N, Klee EW, Gavrilova RH, Lévy J, Capri Y, Scavina M, Körner RW, Valuvullah Z, Weiß C, Möller GM, Thiel M, Sinnema M, Kamsteeg EJ, Donkervoort S, Duboc V, Zaafrane-Khachnaoui K, Elkhateeb N, Selim L, Margot H, Marin V, Beneteau C, Isidor B, Cogne B, Keren B, Küsters B, Beggs AH, Genetti CA, Nicolai J, Dötsch J, Koy A, Bönnemann CG, von der Hagen M, von Kleist-Retzow JC, Voermans N, Jungbluth H, Dafsari HS2024-06-08autophagy, intracellular trafficking, neurodevelopmental disorders, viral immunityBrain : a journal of neurology
Effectiveness and Safety of Adjunctive Cenobamate in People with Focal-Onset Epilepsy: Evidence from the First Interim Analysis of the BLESS Study.Lattanzi S, Ranzato F, Di Bonaventura C, Bonanni P, Gambardella A, Tartara E, Assenza G, Procaccini M, Falsetto N, Villano V, Camattari G, Ori A, Di Gennaro G2024-06-08Antiepileptic, Cenobamate, Effectiveness, Epilepsy, Focal seizure, Italian clinical practice, Observational, Real-world evidence, SafetyNeurology and therapy
Age-dependent increase of perineuronal nets in the human hippocampus and precocious aging in epilepsy.Lehner A, Hoffmann L, Rampp S, Coras R, Paulsen F, Frischknecht R, Hamer H, Walther K, Brandner S, Hofer W, Pieper T, Reisch LM, Bien CG, Blumcke I2024-06-07brain, extracellular matrix, hippocampal sclerosis, maturation, neuropathologyEpilepsia open
Socioeconomic differences in use of antiseizure medication in pregnancies with maternal epilepsy: A population-based study from Nordic universal health care systems.Leinonen MK, Igland J, Dreier JW, Alvestad S, Cohen JM, Gilhus NE, Gissler M, Sun Y, Tomson T, Zoega H, Vegrim HM, Christensen J, Bjørk MH2024-05-28access to care, antiepileptic drugs, disparities, pregnancy, socioeconomic factorsEpilepsia
Epilepsies with onset during the first year of life: A prospective study on syndromes, etiologies, and outcomes.Jonsson H, Gaily E, Stjerna S, Joensuu T, Johari M, Lehesjoki AE, Linnankivi T2024-05-24cognitive outcome, etiology, infantile epilepsy, structured neurological examination, treatment resistanceEpilepsia open
Risk factors for status epilepticus after brain disorders in adults: A multi-cohort national register study.Bjellvi J, Idegård A, Zelano J2024-05-23Epidemiology, Epilepsy, Status epilepticusEpilepsy & behavior : E&B
Haploinsufficiency underlies the neurodevelopmental consequences of SLC6A1 variants.Silva DB, Trinidad M, Ljungdahl A, Revalde JL, Berguig GY, Wallace W, Patrick CS, Bomba L, Arkin M, Dong S, Estrada K, Hutchinson K, LeBowitz JH, Schlessinger A, Johannesen KM, Møller RS, Giacomini KM, Froelich S, Sanders SJ, Wuster A2024-05-21GABA uptake, GAT-1, GAT1, SLC6A1, autism spectrum disorders, epilepsy with myoclonic-atonic seizures, missense vulnerability, neurodevelopmental delayAmerican journal of human genetics
Epileptiform discharges in the anterior thalamus of epilepsy patients.Jordán Z, Szabó JP, Sákovics A, Kelemen A, Halász L, Erőss L, Fabó D2024-05-17Clinical finding, Health sciences, Medical testsiScience
Novel LAMC3 pathogenic variant enriched in Finnish population causes malformations of cortical development and severe epilepsy.Saarela A, Timonen O, Kirjavainen J, Liu Y, Silvennoinen K, Mervaala E, Kälviäinen R2024-05-17agyria (HPO 0031882), atonic seizure (HPO 0010819), atypical absence seizure (HPO 0007270), atypical absence status epilepticus (HPO 0011151), bilateral tonic–clonic seizure (HPO 0002069), epileptic spasm (HPO 0011097), focal‐onset seizure (HPO 0007359), pachygyria (HPO 0001302), polymicrogyria (HPO 0002126), tonic seizure (HPO 0032792)Epileptic disorders : international epilepsy journal with videotape
Transitioning from paediatric to adult care in epilepsy: A qualitative study of adolescent experiences.Goselink RJ, Eklund A, Olsson I, Hallböök T, Malmgren K, Reilly C2024-05-17Adolescence, Experiences, Transitional care, Young adultsSeizure
Pharmacokinetic Variability of Rufinamide and Stiripentol in Children with Refractory Epilepsy: A Retrospective Study of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring from the National Epilepsy Centers in Denmark and Norway.Heger K, Burns ML, Nikanorova M, Johannessen SI, Johannessen Landmark C2024-05-15Therapeutic drug monitoring
Prognostic Value of Complete Resection of the High-Frequency Oscillation Area in Intracranial EEG: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.Wang Z, Guo J, van 't Klooster M, Hoogteijling S, Jacobs J, Zijlmans M2024-05-14Neurology
Quantitative EEG features during the first day correlate to clinical outcome in perinatal asphyxia.Tuiskula A, Pospelov AS, Nevalainen P, Montazeri S, Metsäranta M, Haataja L, Stevenson N, Tokariev A, Vanhatalo S2024-05-14Pediatric research
High frequency oscillations in human memory and cognition: a neurophysiological substrate of engrams?Kucewicz MT, Cimbalnik J, Garcia JSS, Brazdil M, Worrell GA2024-05-14cognition, intracranial EEG, local field potential, memory consolidation, network oscillations, sharp-wave ripplesBrain : a journal of neurology
Social cognition in idiopathic generalised epilepsies.Ogurcakova V, Kajsova M, Marusic P, Amlerova J2024-05-09Empathy, Facial Emotion Recognition, Generalised Epilepsies, Social Cognition, Theory of MindBehavioural brain research
Impaired GABAergic regulation and developmental immaturity in interneurons derived from the medial ganglionic eminence in the tuberous sclerosis complex.Scheper M, Sørensen FNF, Ruffolo G, Gaeta A, Lissner LJ, Anink JJ, Korshunova I, Jansen FE, Riney K, van Hecke W, Mühlebner A, Khodosevich K, Schubert D, Palma E, Mills JD, Aronica E2024-05-07GABAergic interneurons, Ganglionic eminence, Immaturity, Somatostatin, snRNA-seqActa neuropathologica
Interhemispheric coherence of EEG rhythms in children: Maturation and differentiation in corpus callosum dysgenesis.Guillou J, Duprez J, Nabbout R, Kaminska A, Napuri S, Gomes C, Kuchenbuch M, Sauleau P2024-05-03Brain development, Childhood EEG, Corpus callosum dysgenesis, EEG background activity, Sleep spindlesNeurophysiologie clinique = Clinical neurophysiology
Predictors of Seizure Recurrence in Women With Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy Who Switch From Valproate to Another Medication.Cerulli Irelli E, Cocchi E, Morano A, Gesche J, Caraballo RH, Lattanzi S, Strigaro G, Rosati E, Catania C, Ferlazzo E, Casciato S, Di Gennaro G, Pizzanelli C, Giuliano L, Viola V, Mostacci B, Pignatta P, Fortunato F, Pulitano P, Panzini C, Gambardella A, Atalar AÇ, Labate A, Operto FF, Giallonardo AT, Baykan BB, Beier CP, Di Bonaventura C2024-05-01Neurology
Caregiver perceptions of the impact of Dravet syndrome on the family, current supports and hopes and fears for the future: A qualitative study.Soto Jansson J, Bjurulf B, Dellenmark Blom M, Hallböök T, Reilly C2024-04-30Caregiver, Dravet Syndrome, Impact, SupportEpilepsy & behavior : E&B
Sex Differences in Adverse Effects of Antiseizure Medications in Adults with Epilepsy: A Systematic Review.Giuliano L, Durante V, Battaglia G, Gasparini S, Zambrelli E, Ermio C, La Neve A, Mostacci B2024-04-30CNS drugs
Placebo response in patients with Dravet syndrome: Post-hoc analysis of two clinical trials.Devinsky O, Hyland K, Loftus R, Nortvedt C, Nabbout R2024-04-26Dravet syndrome, Natural history, PlaceboEpilepsy & behavior : E&B
In vitro human cell culture models in a bench-to-bedside approach to epilepsy.Danačíková Š, Straka B, Daněk J, Kořínek V, Otáhal J2024-04-18drug‐resistant epilepsy, genetic testing, in vitro human cell culture, legal and ethical aspects, precision medicineEpilepsia open
Temporo-parieto-occipital disconnection (TPO) by robot-assisted magnetic resonance imaging-guided laser interstitial thermal therapy (MRIgLITT) for refractory epilepsy in a pediatric patient: Proof-of-principle case report and surgical nuances.Candela-Cantó S, Hinojosa J, Muchart J, Jou C, Palau L, Valera C, Flores C, Palacio-Navarro A, Climent MA, Pascual A, Gonzalez A, Culebras D, Alamar M, Becerra V, Aparicio J, Rumià J2024-04-17MRIgLITT, TPO, laser ablation, pediatric epilepsy surgery, posterior quadrant disconnection, temporo-parieto-occipital disconnectionWorld neurosurgery
Correction to: Implementation of a 7T Epilepsy Task Force consensus imaging protocol for routine presurgical epilepsy work-up: effect on diagnostic yield and lesion delineation.Hangel G, Kasprian G, Chambers S, Haider L, Lazen P, Koren J, Diehm R, Moser K, Tomschik M, Wais J, Winter F, Zeiser V, Gruber S, Aull-Watschinger S, Traub-Weidinger T, Baumgartner C, Feucht M, Dorfer C, Bogner W, Trattnig S, Pataraia E, Roessler K2024-04-05Journal of neurology
Management of seizures in patients with primary mitochondrial diseases: consensus statement from the InterERNs Mitochondrial Working Group.Mancuso M, Papadopoulou MT, Ng YS, Ardissone A, Bellusci M, Bertini E, Di Vito L, Evangelista T, Fons C, Hikmat O, Horvath R, Klopstock T, Kornblum C, Lamperti C, Licchetta L, Molnar MJ, Varhaug KN, O'Callaghan M, Pressler RM, Schiff M, Servidei S, Szabo N, Gorman GS, Cross JH, Rahman S2024-04-04consensus, epilepsy, management, mitochondrial diseases, recommendationsEuropean journal of neurology
PGAP2-Related Hyperphosphatasia-Mental Retardation Syndrome: Report of a Novel Patient, Toward a Broadening of Phenotypic Spectrum and Therapeutic Perspectives.Saracino A, Totaro M, Politano D, DE Giorgis V, Gana S, Papalia G, Pichiecchio A, Plumari M, Rognone E, Varesio C, Orcesi S2024-04-01Neuropediatrics
Interactions between antiseizure medications and foods and drinks: A systematic review.Asadi-Pooya AA, Johannessen Landmark C, Mirzaei Damabi N, Fazelian K2024-04-01epilepsy, food, pharmacokinetics, pharmacy, seizureEpilepsia open
Pharmacokinetic Variability of Sulthiame: The Impact of Age, Drug-Drug Interactions, and Biochemical Markers of Toxicity in Patients with Epilepsy.Heger K, Kjeldstadli K, Ring N, Aaberg KM, Kjeldsen SF, Burns ML, Johannessen SI, Johannessen Landmark C2024-04-01Therapeutic drug monitoring
Accessibility, availability and common practices regarding genetic testing for epilepsy across Europe: A survey of the European Reference Network EpiCARE.Papadopoulou MT, Muccioli L, Bisulli F, Klotz KA, Fons C, Trivisano M, Kabulashvili T, Specchio N, Lesca G, Arzimanoglou A2024-03-22ERN EpiCARE centers, Whole Genome Sequencing, common practices in epilepsy genetic testing, disparities regarding genetic testing costs and availability, provision of epilepsy care, urgent genetic testingEpilepsia open
Adherence to ketogenic dietary therapies in epilepsy: A systematic review of literature.Lopes Neri LC, Guglielmetti M, Fiorini S, Pasca L, Zanaboni MP, de Giorgis V, Tagliabue A, Ferraris C2024-03-21Adherence, Compliance, Ketogenic diet, Ketosis, Systematic review, Treatment adherenceNutrition research (New York, N.Y.)
ATP1A2-related epileptic encephalopathy and movement disorder: Clinical features of three novel patients.Córdoba NM, Lince-Rivera I, Gómez JLR, Rubboli G, De la Rosa SO2024-03-21ATP1A2, NMDA receptor antagonists, drug‐resistant epilepsy, encephalopathies, genetic epilepsyEpileptic disorders : international epilepsy journal with videotape
Understanding neurodevelopmental trajectories and behavioral profiles in SCN1A-related epilepsy syndromes.Postma A, Minderhoud CA, Otte WM, Jansen FE, Gunning WB, Verhoeven JS, Jongmans MJ, Zinkstok JR, Brilstra EH2024-03-20Behavioral difficulties, Comorbidities, Dravet syndrome, GEFS+, SCN1AEpilepsy & behavior : E&B
Ictal Bradycardia and Asystole in Sleep-Related Hypermotor Epilepsy: A Study of 200 Patients.Muccioli L, Bruschi G, Ferri L, Scarabello A, Taruffi L, Di Vito L, Mostacci B, Provini F, Calandra-Buonaura G, Tinuper P, Licchetta L, Bisulli F2024-03-19DEPDC5, GATOR1, MRI, SUDEP, arrhythmia, focal cortical dysplasia (FCD), genetics, heart, polygraphy, seizureJournal of clinical medicine
Modification of brain conductivity in human focal epilepsy: A model-based estimation from stereoelectroencephalography.Lagarde S, Modolo J, Yochum M, Carvallo A, Ballabeni A, Scavarda D, Carron R, Villeneuve N, Bartolomei F, Wendling F2024-03-16SEEG, conductivity, drug-resistant epilepsy, epilepsy surgery, focal epilepsy, stimulationEpilepsia
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Cross-frequency coupling in cortico-hippocampal networks supports the maintenance of sequential auditory information in short-term memory.Borderie A, Caclin A, Lachaux JP, Perrone-Bertollotti M, Hoyer RS, Kahane P, Catenoix H, Tillmann B, Albouy P2024-03-01PLoS biology
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How Can a Focal Seizure Lead to a Dacrystic Behavior? A Case Analyzed with Functional Connectivity in Stereoelectroencephalography.Marx B, Medina-Villalon S, Bartolomei F, Lagarde S2024-03-01EEG, depth electrode, electroencephalogram (EEG), electroencephalography, emotion, epilepsy, focal seizure, seizures, semiology, synchronizationClinical EEG and neuroscience
Grading system for assessing the confidence in the epileptogenic zone reported in published studies: A Delphi consensus study.Ryvlin P, Barba C, Bartolomei F, Baumgartner C, Brazdil M, Fabo D, Fahoum F, Frauscher B, Ikeda A, Lhatoo S, Mani J, McGonigal A, Metsahonkala EL, Mindruta I, Nguyen DK, Rheims S, Rocamora R, Rydenhag B, Schuele S, Schulze-Bonhage A, Surges R, Vulliemoz S, Beniczky S2024-02-29Delphi, confidence, epilepsy surgery, epileptogenic zone, grading systemEpilepsia
L-serine treatment in patients with GRIN-related encephalopathy: A phase 2A, non-randomized study.Juliá-Palacios N, Olivella M, Sigatullina Bondarenko M, Ibáñez-Micó S, Muñoz-Cabello B, Alonso-Luengo O, Soto-Insuga V, García-Navas D, Cuesta-Herraiz L, Andreo-Lillo P, Aguilera-Albesa S, Hedrera-Fernández A, González Alguacil E, Sánchez-Carpintero R, Martín Del Valle F, Jiménez González E, Cean Cabrera L, Medina-Rivera I, Perez-Ordoñez M, Colomé R, Lopez L, Engracia Cazorla M, Fornaguera M, Ormazabal A, Alonso-Colmenero I, Illescas KS, Balsells-Mejía S, Mari-Vico R, Duffo Viñas M, Cappuccio G, Terrone G, Romano R, Manti F, Mastrangelo M, Alfonsi C, de Siqueira Barros B, Nizon M, Gjerulfsen CE, L Muro V, Karall D, Zeiner F, Masnada S, Peterlongo I, Oyarzábal A, Santos-Gómez A, Altafaj X, García-Cazorla Á2024-02-21N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor, l-serine, developmental and epileptic encephalopathy, neurodevelopmental disorders, precision medicineBrain : a journal of neurology
Timing matters for accurate identification of the epileptogenic zone.Chybowski B, Klimes P, Cimbalnik J, Travnicek V, Nejedly P, Pail M, Peter-Derex L, Hall J, Dubeau F, Jurak P, Brazdil M, Frauscher B2024-02-18Epilepsy, Seizure, iEEGClinical neurophysiology : official journal of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology
Reduced long-term mortality after successful resective epilepsy surgery: a population-based study.Granthon C, Tranberg AE, Malmgren K, Strandberg MC, Kumlien E, Redfors P2024-02-14EPILEPSY, EPILEPSY, SURGERY, SUDDEN DEATHJournal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry
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The significance of very long half-life in the context of antiseizure medication withdrawal during long-term video-EEG monitoring.Hampel KG, Morata-Martínez C, Garcés-Sánchez M, Villanueva V2024-02-01Antiseizure medication, Half-life, Seizure, Tapering, Video-EEG monitoringSeizure
Diagnosis, epilepsy treatment and supports for neurodevelopment in children with Dravet Syndrome: Caregiver reported experiences and needs.Soto Jansson J, Bjurulf B, Dellenmark Blom M, Hallböök T, Reilly C2024-02-01Dravet Syndrome, Parents, Support, TreatmentEpilepsy & behavior : E&B
Impact of antiseizure medication with a very long half-life on long term video-EEG monitoring in focal epilepsy.Hampel KG, Morata-Martínez C, Garcés-Sánchez M, Villanueva V2024-02-01Antiseizure medication, Half-life, Patient safety, Tapering, Video-EEG monitoring, WithdrawalSeizure
Learn how to interpret and use intracranial EEG findings.Frauscher B, Mansilla D, Abdallah C, Astner-Rohracher A, Beniczky S, Brazdil M, Gnatkovsky V, Jacobs J, Kalamangalam G, Perucca P, Ryvlin P, Schuele S, Tao J, Wang Y, Zijlmans M, McGonigal A2024-02-01atlas, interictal epileptiform discharges, intracranial electroencephalography, low-voltage fast activity, pathology, prognosis, seizure-onset pattern, stereo-electroencephalographyEpileptic disorders : international epilepsy journal with videotape
Exome sequencing of ATP1A3-negative cases of alternating hemiplegia of childhood reveals SCN2A as a novel causative gene.Panagiotakaki E, Tiziano FD, Mikati MA, Vijfhuizen LS, Nicole S, Lesca G, Abiusi E, Novelli A, Di Pietro L, Harder AVE, Walley NM, De Grandis E, Poulat AL, Portes VD, Lépine A, Nassogne MC, Arzimanoglou A, Vavassori R, Koenderink J, Thompson CH, George AL, Gurrieri F, van den Maagdenberg AMJM, Heinzen EL2024-02-01European journal of human genetics : EJHG
Role of the glymphatic system and perivascular spaces as a potential biomarker for post-stroke epilepsy.Hlauschek G, Nicolo JP, Sinclair B, Law M, Yasuda CL, Cendes F, Lossius MI, Kwan P, Vivash L2024-02-01blood-brain barrier, glymphatic system, neuroinflammation, perivascular spaces, post-stroke epilepsyEpilepsia open
Prospective study of cenobamate on cognition, affectivity, and quality of life in focal epilepsy.Catalán-Aguilar J, Hampel KG, Cano-López I, Garcés M, Lozano-García A, Tormos-Pons P, González-Bono E, Villanueva V2024-02-01cenobamate, cognition, drug-resistant epilepsy, negative affectivity, quality of lifeEpilepsia open
Metabolic connectivity as a predictor of surgical outcome in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy.Strýček O, Říha P, Kojan M, Řehák Z, Brázdil M2024-02-01mesial temporal lobe epilepsy, metabolic connectivity, positron emission tomographyEpilepsia open
Fifteen years of real-world data on the use of vigabatrin in individuals with infantile epileptic spasms syndrome.Kuchenbuch M, Lo Barco T, Chemaly N, Chiron C, Nabbout R2024-02-01West syndrome, infantile spasms relapse, long-term outcome, steroidsEpilepsia
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Eslicarbazepine-induced hyponatremia: A retrospective single-center real clinical practice study.Strýček O, Všianský V, Doležalová I, Kočvarová J, Pail M, Brázdil M2024-02-01eslicarbazepine, hyponatremia, risk factorEpilepsia open
A European pilot study in Dravet Syndrome to delineate what really matters for the patients and families.Chemaly N, Kuchenbuch M, Teng T, Marie E, D'Onofrio G, Lo Barco T, Brambilla I, Flege S, Hallet AS, Nabbout R2024-02-01PCOMs, burden of the disease, families’ expectations, meaningful change, meaningful outcomesEpilepsia open
Refractory tonic-myoclonic status epilepticus with catamenial recurrence in epilepsy with myoclonic atonic seizures: A case report.Proietti J, Fiorini E, Cantalupo G, Fontana E, Lo Barco T, Bonin C, Bernardina BD, Darra F2024-01-30Catamenial, Doose syndrome, Epilepsy with myoclonic-atonic seizures, Post-puberal age, Progestin, Status epilepticusHeliyon
Multiomic analysis implicates nuclear hormone receptor signalling in clustering Nys R, van Eyk CL, Ritchie T, Møller RS, Scheffer IE, Marini C, Bhattacharjee R, Kumar R, Gecz J2024-01-27Translational psychiatry
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Novel study design to assess the efficacy and tolerability of antiseizure medications for focal-onset seizures in infants and young children: A consensus document from the regulatory task force and the pediatric commission of the International League against Epilepsy (ILAE), in collaboration with the Pediatric Epilepsy Research Consortium (PERC).Auvin S, French J, Dlugos D, Knupp KG, Perucca E, Arzimanoglou A, Whalen E, Shellhaas RA2019-12-01antiseizure drugs, children, clinical trials, drug development, infantsEpilepsia open
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Treatment delay in status epilepticus - more effective prehospital symptom recognition warranted.Sairanen JJ, Kantanen AM, Hyppölä HT, Kälviäinen RK2019-03-07Delay, Emergency, Paramedic, Seizure, Status epilepticus, TreatmentScandinavian journal of trauma, resuscitation and emergency medicine
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Expert Opinion on the Management of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome: Treatment Algorithms and Practical Considerations.Cross JH, Auvin S, Falip M, Striano P, Arzimanoglou A2017-01-01Lennox–Gastaut syndrome, algorithm, antiepileptic drug, consensus, epilepsy, epileptic and developmental encephalopathyFrontiers in neurology
Depression and Quality of Life in Patients with Epilepsy - Single Centre Experience.Petelin Gadže Ž, Tudor KI, Živković M, Bujan Kovač A, Đapić Ivančić B, Nanković S, Šulentić V, Brezak I, Nimac Kozina P, Sitaš B, Radić B, Mudrovčić M, Mijatović D, Poljaković Z, Jevtović S, Vuksanović A, Hajnšek S1970-01-01Psychiatria Danubina
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