Rare and complex urogenital conditions can require surgical correction, often during the neonatal period or in childhood. Urinary and faecal incontinence are a heavy burden on paediatric, adolescent and adult patients. Individuals affected require life-long care provided by multidisciplinary teams of experts who plan and perform surgery, and provide post-operative physiotherapy and psychology support.

eUROGEN will provide independently-evaluated best practice guidelines and improve the sharing of outcomes. It will, for the first time, offer the capacity for tracking long-term outcomes for patients over a 15 to 20-year period.

The network will collect data and materials where they are lacking, develop new guidelines, build evidence of best practice, identify practice variation, develop education programmes and training, set the research agenda in collaboration with patient representatives, and share knowledge through participation in virtual multidisciplinary teams. By 2020, at least 50 new specialists for rare and complex urogenital diseases will have benefited from specific training and fellowship programmes developed by eUROGEN.

Ultimately, the network seeks to advance innovation in medicine and improve diagnostics and treatment for patients.


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