Genetic tumour risk syndromes are disorders in which inherited genetic mutations strongly predispose individuals to the development of tumours. The lifetime risk of cancer can be as high as 100 %. While there is considerable diversity in the organ systems that may be affected, individuals affected by these conditions share similar challenges: delay in diagnosis, lack of prevention for patients and healthy relatives, and therapeutic mismanagement. At present, only 20-30 % of people with genetic tumour risk syndromes have been diagnosed.

ERN GENTURIS is working to improve identification of these syndromes, minimise variation in clinical outcomes, design and implement guidelines, develop registries and biobanks, support research, and empower patients. The network will educate the public and healthcare professionals, and foster the sharing of best practice across Europe. Access to multidisciplinary care will be improved, with new models and standards for sharing and discussing complex cases. The network is enhancing the quality and interpretation of genetic testing, and increasing patient participation in clinical research programmes.

ERN GENTURIS will cooperate with other ERNs to improve the care of patients with genetic tumour risk syndromes who develop conditions that fall within the expertise of another network.


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Identification of novel snoRNA-based biomarkers for clear cell renal cell carcinoma from urine-derived extracellular vesicles.Grützmann K, Salomo K, Krüger A, Lohse-Fischer A, Erdmann K, Seifert M, Baretton G, Aust D, William D, Schröck E, Thomas C, Füssel S2024-05-13Biomarker, Cancer diagnostics, Clear cell renal cell carcinoma, Exosomes, Extracellular vesicles, Kidney cancer, Liquid biopsy, Transcriptional biomarker, Urine, snoRNABiology direct
Exploring evolutionary trajectories in ovarian cancer patients by longitudinal analysis of ctDNA.Kutz O, Drukewitz S, Krüger A, Aust D, William D, Oster S, Schröck E, Baretton G, Link T, Wimberger P, Kuhlmann JD2024-04-05ctDNA, liquid biopsy, ovarian cancer, tumor evolutionClinical chemistry and laboratory medicine
The PlexiQoL, a patient-reported outcome measure on quality of life in neurofibromatosis type 1-associated plexiform neurofibroma: translation, cultural adaptation and validation into the Dutch language for the Netherlands.Dhaenens BAE, van Dijk SA, Taal W, Noordhoek DC, Coffey A, McKenna SP, Oostenbrink R2024-03-18Neurofibromatosis type 1, PRO, Patient-reported outcome measure, Plexiform neurofibroma, QoL, Quality of lifeJournal of patient-reported outcomes
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Recommendations for the collection and annotation of biosamples for analysis of biomarkers in neurofibromatosis and schwannomatosis clinical trials.Sundby RT, Rhodes SD, Komlodi-Pasztor E, Sarnoff H, Grasso V, Upadhyaya M, Kim A, Evans DG, Blakeley JO, Hanemann CO, Bettegowda C2024-02-01Biomarker, cell-free DNA, consensus guidelines, cytokines, liquid biopsy, neurofibromatosis, open science, schwannomatosisClinical trials (London, England)
Gene-specific ACMG/AMP classification criteria for germline APC variants: Recommendations from the ClinGen InSiGHT Hereditary Colorectal Cancer/Polyposis Variant Curation Expert Panel.Spier I, Yin X, Richardson M, Pineda M, Laner A, Ritter D, Boyle J, Mur P, Hansen TVO, Shi X, Mahmood K, Plazzer JP, Ognedal E, Nordling M, Farrington SM, Yamamoto G, Baert-Desurmont S, Martins A, Borras E, Tops C, Webb E, Beshay V, Genuardi M, Pesaran T, Capellá G, Tavtigian SV, Latchford A, Frayling IM, Plon SE, Greenblatt M, Macrae FA, Aretz S2024-02-01ACMG/AMP variant classification guidelines, Adenomatous polyposis coli (APC), ClinGen, Familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP), InSiGHTGenetics in medicine : official journal of the American College of Medical Genetics
High amount of fertility reducing tumors and procedures, but no evidence for premature ovarian failure in female Lynch syndrome patients.Biermann S, Knapp M, Wieacker P, Aretz S, Steinke-Lange V2024-01-27Cancer predisposition, Hereditary CRC, Lynch syndrome, Menopause, Mismatch-repair genesFamilial cancer
Ability of a polygenic risk score to refine colorectal cancer risk in Lynch syndrome.Dueñas N, Klinkhammer H, Bonifaci N, Spier I, Mayr A, Hassanin E, Diez-Villanueva A, Moreno V, Pineda M, Maj C, Capellà G, Aretz S, Brunet J2023-11-01Congenital, Hereditary, and Neonatal Diseases and Abnormalities, Digestive System Neoplasms, Early Diagnosis, Genetic Association Studies, Genetic CounselingJournal of medical genetics
Signaling-induced systematic repression of miRNAs uncovers cancer vulnerabilities and targeted therapy sensitivity.Wurm AA, Brilloff S, Kolovich S, Schäfer S, Rahimian E, Kufrin V, Bill M, Carrero ZI, Drukewitz S, Krüger A, Hüther M, Uhrig S, Oster S, Westphal D, Meier F, Pfütze K, Hübschmann D, Horak P, Kreutzfeldt S, Richter D, Schröck E, Baretton G, Heining C, Möhrmann L, Fröhling S, Ball CR, Glimm H2023-10-17cancer driver, drug response, miRNA signatures, organoids, precision oncology, spheroids, target predictionCell reports. Medicine
Proteogenomic analysis reveals RNA as a source for tumor-agnostic neoantigen identification.Tretter C, de Andrade Krätzig N, Pecoraro M, Lange S, Seifert P, von Frankenberg C, Untch J, Zuleger G, Wilhelm M, Zolg DP, Dreyer FS, Bräunlein E, Engleitner T, Uhrig S, Boxberg M, Steiger K, Slotta-Huspenina J, Ochsenreither S, von Bubnoff N, Bauer S, Boerries M, Jost PJ, Schenck K, Dresing I, Bassermann F, Friess H, Reim D, Grützmann K, Pfütze K, Klink B, Schröck E, Haller B, Kuster B, Mann M, Weichert W, Fröhling S, Rad R, Hiltensperger M, Krackhardt AM2023-08-02Nature communications
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A clinical screening tool to detect genetic cancer predisposition in pediatric oncology shows high sensitivity but can miss a substantial percentage of affected children.Friedrich UA, Bienias M, Zinke C, Prazenicova M, Lohse J, Jahn A, Menzel M, Langanke J, Walter C, Wagener R, Brozou T, Varghese J, Dugas M, Erlacher M, Schröck E, Suttorp M, Borkhardt A, Hauer J, Auer F2023-08-01Clinical checklists, Genetic testing, Germline cancer predisposition, Pediatric cancer, Trio sequencingGenetics in medicine : official journal of the American College of Medical Genetics
Health-related quality of life of children with neurofibromatosis type 1: Analysis of proxy-rated PedsQL and CHQ questionnaires.Dhaenens BAE, Rietman A, Husson O, Oostenbrink R2023-07-01CHQ, Children, Health-related quality of life, Neurofibromatosis type 1, PedsQL, Quality of lifeEuropean journal of paediatric neurology : EJPN : official journal of the European Paediatric Neurology Society
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A Novel Variant in the TP53 Gene Causing Li-Fraumeni Syndrome.Papadimitriou DT, Stratakis CA, Kattamis A, Glentis S, Dimitrakakis C, Spyridis GP, Christopoulos P, Mastorakos G, Vlahos NF, Iacovidou N2023-06-30Li–Fraumeni syndrome, TP53 gene, adrenocortical tumor, breast cancer, cervical cancer, osteosarcomaChildren (Basel, Switzerland)
Wnt genes in colonic polyposis predisposition.Quintana I, Terradas M, Mur P, Te Paske IBAW, Peters S, Spier I, Steinke-Lange V, Maestro C, Torrents D, Puiggròs M, Royo R, Tonda R, Parra G, Piscia D, Beltrán S, Navarro M, Piñol V, Brunet J, Gonzalez-Abuin N, Aiza G, Sommer A, van Herwaarden Y, Astuti G, Holinski-Feder E, Hoogerbrugge N, de Voer RM, Aretz S, Capellá G, Valle L2023-05-01Genes & diseases
Ischemic stroke in a pediatric patient with very rare coexistence of sickle-cell/β-thalassemia and neurofibromatosis type 1.Roka K, Solomou E, Glentis S, Gavra M, Kokkinou E, Rigatou E, Pons R, Kattamis A2023-04-14Pediatric blood & cancer
The PTEN hamartoma tumor syndrome: how oral clinicians may save lives.Fardal Ø, Nevland K, Johannessen AC, Vetti HH2023-03-01Fissured tongue, PTEN hamartoma tumor syndrome, gingival overgrowth, macrocephaly, periodontal diseases, rare diseaseClinical advances in periodontics
Telomere biology: from disorders to hematological diseases.Roka K, Solomou EE, Kattamis A2023-01-01adult, hematological malignancies, pediatric, telomere biology disorders, telomeresFrontiers in oncology
Genotype-first approach to identify associations between CDH1 germline variants and cancer phenotypes: a multicentre study by the European Reference Network on Genetic Tumour Risk Syndromes.Garcia-Pelaez J, Barbosa-Matos R, Lobo S, Dias A, Garrido L, Castedo S, Sousa S, Pinheiro H, Sousa L, Monteiro R, Maqueda JJ, Fernandes S, Carneiro F, Pinto N, Lemos C, Pinto C, Teixeira MR, Aretz S, Bajalica-Lagercrantz S, Balmaña J, Blatnik A, Benusiglio PR, Blanluet M, Bours V, Brems H, Brunet J, Calistri D, Capellá G, Carrera S, Colas C, Dahan K, de Putter R, Desseignés C, Domínguez-Garrido E, Egas C, Evans DG, Feret D, Fewings E, Fitzgerald RC, Coulet F, Garcia-Barcina M, Genuardi M, Golmard L, Hackmann K, Hanson H, Holinski-Feder E, Hüneburg R, Krajc M, Lagerstedt-Robinson K, Lázaro C, Ligtenberg MJL, Martínez-Bouzas C, Merino S, Michils G, Novaković S, Patiño-García A, Ranzani GN, Schröck E, Silva I, Silveira C, Soto JL, Spier I, Steinke-Lange V, Tedaldi G, Tejada MI, Woodward ER, Tischkowitz M, Hoogerbrugge N, Oliveira C2023-01-01The Lancet. Oncology
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The miR-183/96/182 cluster is upregulated in glioblastoma carrying EGFR amplification.Schneider B, William D, Lamp N, Zimpfer A, Henker C, Classen CF, Erbersdobler A2022-09-01EGFR amplification, FOXO1 expression, Glioblastoma, miR-183/96/182 cluster, microRNA deregulationMolecular and cellular biochemistry
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Lessons learned from drug trials in neurofibromatosis: A systematic review.Dhaenens BAE, Ferner RE, Evans DG, Heimann G, Potratz C, van de Ketterij E, Kaindl AM, Hissink G, Carton C, Bakker A, Nievo M, Legius E, Oostenbrink R2021-09-01Neurofibromatosis, Neurofibromatosis type 1, Neurofibromatosis type 2, Schwannomatosis, Systematic reviewEuropean journal of medical genetics
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Response to Cabozantinib Following Acquired Entrectinib Resistance in a Patient With ETV6-NTRK3 Fusion-Positive Carcinoma Harboring the NTRK3 G623R Solvent-Front Mutation.Hanf D, Heining C, Laaber K, Nebelung H, Uhrig S, Hutter B, Jahn A, Richter D, Aust D, Herbst F, Fröhling S, Glimm H, Folprecht G2021-01-01JCO precision oncology
Genotype-Phenotype Associations in Patients With Type-1, Type-2, and Atypical NF1 Microdeletions.Büki G, Zsigmond A, Czakó M, Szalai R, Antal G, Farkas V, Fekete G, Nagy D, Széll M, Tihanyi M, Melegh B, Hadzsiev K, Bene J2021-01-0117q11.2 deletion syndrome, NF1 gene, array-CGH, atypical NF1 microdeletion, copy number variation, multiplex ligation-probe dependent amplification, type-1 NF1 microdeletion, type-2 NF1 microdeletionFrontiers in genetics
Molecular Characterization of Astrocytoma Progression Towards Secondary Glioblastomas Utilizing Patient-Matched Tumor Pairs.Seifert M, Schackert G, Temme A, Schröck E, Deutsch A, Klink B2020-06-26astrocytomas, cancer genomics, patient-matched astrocytoma pairs, secondary glioblastoma, stage-wise astrocytoma developmentCancers
The landscape of chromothripsis across adult cancer types.Voronina N, Wong JKL, Hübschmann D, Hlevnjak M, Uhrig S, Heilig CE, Horak P, Kreutzfeldt S, Mock A, Stenzinger A, Hutter B, Fröhlich M, Brors B, Jahn A, Klink B, Gieldon L, Sieverling L, Feuerbach L, Chudasama P, Beck K, Kroiss M, Heining C, Möhrmann L, Fischer A, Schröck E, Glimm H, Zapatka M, Lichter P, Fröhling S, Ernst A2020-05-08Nature communications
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Boosting care and knowledge about hereditary cancer: European Reference Network on Genetic Tumour Risk Syndromes.Vos JR, Giepmans L, Röhl C, Geverink N, Hoogerbrugge N2019-04-01Cross border health care, European Reference Network, Genetic, Hereditary cancer, Rare diseases, SyndromeFamilial cancer
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