RITA brings together the leading European centres with expertise in diagnosis and treatment of rare immunological disorders. These constitute potentially life-threatening conditions requiring multidisciplinary care using complex diagnostic evaluation and highly specialised therapies. The network divides these conditions into three sub-themes: primary immunodeficiency (PID), autoimmune disorders and autoinflammatory disorders. In addition, there is a sub-theme of paediatric rheumatology which straddles the autoimmune and autoinflammatory sub-themes.

This network builds on the work of European scientific societies which have developed patient registries, clinical guidelines, research collaborations, educational activities and links with patient organisations.

ERN RITA is working to reduce inequalities faced by patients seeking to access diagnostic testing and innovative treatments such as biologic therapies, immunoglobulin replacement, stem cell transplantation and gene therapy.

It aims to link pre-existent registries, develop pan-European clinical guidelines, establish a task force of geneticists for quality control of next generation sequencing technology, agree a common tool for pharmacovigilance in these rare conditions, convene a task force for the correct use and monitoring of biologic treatments in immune-mediated diseases, bring together and improve stem cell and gene therapies for patients, foster collaborations between patient associations, and bring together paediatric and adult specialists across the three themes.


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