EJPRD- ERICA Joint Workshop “Finding RD registry data in the Virtual Platform”


A hands-on session will be held for you (as Virtual Platform (VP) end-users) to test the first version of the VP, provide feedback and address any further open questions.

This workshop is the second of the ERN data strategy workshop series. In this workshop, different approaches to making data and cases safely findable via the EJP RD Virtual Platform (VP) will be described, along with a short technical overview of how this is achieved.

This includes an elaboration of the difference between Resource Discovery (incorporating completely safe querying of very limited/obfuscated data fields) and far deeper Record Interrogation queries by which users can more fully understand (though still not analyse) a registry’s content.

An additional focus will be given to Authorisation-Authentication-Identification (AAI) as a means of further securing the discovery process, and to Common Conditions of use Elements (CCEs) as an extra information layer that may be queried. CCEs may also enable some automated triaging of data access requests.

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Workshop summary

WorkshopEJPRD- ERICA Joint Workshop “Finding RD registry data in the Virtual Platform”
DateFebruary 9th, 2022
Time15:00 – 17:30 hr
OrganisationERICA-WP2 and EJP RD
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