ERICA 2nd General Assembly 20-22 June 2022, Bologna, Italy

The ERICA 2nd General Assembly took place in Bologna as a hybrid meeting.

Hosted by Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli (IOR) and ERN BOND Coordinator Luca Sangiorgi.

group photo GA

The aim of the ERICA consortium, in which all 24 European Reference Networks (ERNs) take part, is to build on the strength of the individual ERNs and create a platform that integrates all ERNs research and innovation capacity.

This was a great opportunity to discuss the progress and future of the ERN related Research activities and to participate in the WP-Specific Expert Working Group sessions to exchange the success stories and to brainstorm with the best experts on the field.

All the presentations will be made soon available here!



General presentation of the project Alberto Pereira (ERICA coordinator):

1_ERICA 2GA Day 1 20 June 2022_General presentation of Project_A.Pereira

Work Packages (WP) specific Expert working Group (EWG) session:

WP6 ‘Integration, Outreach & Dissemination’ :

2_ERICA 2GA Day 1 20 June 2022_WP6-EWG session


Work Package chairs: WP1 – WP6 Updates:

3_ERICA 2GA Day 2 21 June 2022 WP Updates

New Rare Disease Partnership, EJP RD and ERICA Hélène Le Borgne(EC):

4_Introduction to RD Partnership_ERICA_21 June 2022_HLB

International RD Research Cooperation from the IRDiRC perspective David Pearce (IRDiRC):

5_D.Pierce ERICA presentation 21 June 2022

EU regulators collaboration and alignment in RD innovative & needs-led research and development

Kristina Larsson, European Medicines Agency:

6_EU regulators collaboration and alignment in RD innovativeK.Larsson



Symposium summary

SymposiumERICA 2nd General Assembly 20-22 June 2022, Bologna, Italy
DateJune 20th - June 22nd, 2022
Time15:00 – 14:30 hr (start at 16:45 hr)
LocationBologna, Italy
OrganisationERICA Coordination office and IOR/ERN BOND
RegistrationRegistration is closed