ERICA WP3 ‘Patient centred research’ Expert Working Group

WP3 PCEWG 31.05.23

ERICA WP3Patient-Centred Research Patient Centered Expert Working Group (PCEWG) was held on the 31st of May between 3 pm and 6 pm (CET time).

The workshop’s objective was to present the updates on patient-centered work leads by WP3 During the workshop, WP3 presented the version 2.0 of the PROMs Repository, the approach to identify suitable PROMs for rare diseases with no specific PROMs (diseases functional impact clustering and concepts coding works) and the strategy for prioritization of PROMs development and validation including pilots within the ERNs.

Workshop is Reviewable and Slidedeck available (see below)

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Event summary

EventERICA WP3 ‘Patient centred research’ Expert Working Group
DateMay 31st, 2023
Time15:00 – 18:00 hr
OrganisationERICA WP3
WebsiteVisit event website
Event Recording
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Patient Centred Expert Working Group (PCEWG)