Upcoming Events

July 24th, 2024

The increasing recognition and diagnosis of rare diseases over the past decade have led to a growing body of knowledge within specialised clinical teams and centers. This expansion is evident in the European Reference Networks (ERN), which connect over 1,600 clinical teams from more than 300 specialised hospitals in the EU/EEA region. The challenge now is to transform this collective expertise into real-world evidence that can enhance diagnosis, care, and treatment. The key lies in developing disease-specific outcome measures that [...]

October 22nd - October 25th, 2024

The World Orphan Drug Congress Europe is the largest and most established orphan drug & rare disease event worldwide. Meet over 2000 attendees, hear from 250 leading speakers, and connect with 130 exhibitors as we bring together experts from the start-to-finish of orphan drugs. From regulation and policy, to global pricing and gene therapy. If you are a member of an ERN, patient group organization, charity or government (including public health bodies, HTAs, regulators), you are eligible for a free [...]

December 11th - December 13th, 2024

The ERICA 4th General Assembly & ERN Research Conference will take place from December 11th to December 13th, 2024 in Udine, Italy. Hosted by MetabERN. The aim of the ERICA consortium, in which all 24 European Reference Networks (ERNs) take part, is to build on the strength of the individual ERNs and create a platform that integrates all ERNs research and innovation capacity. ERICA Conference serves as a great opportunity to ‘meet and greet’ the active ERN research community and [...]