Development and implementation of the AIDA International Registry for patients with Behçet's disease.

Purpose of the present paper is to point out the design, development and deployment of the AutoInflammatory Disease Alliance (AIDA) International Registry dedicated to pediatric and adult patients with Behçet's disease (BD). The Registry is a clinical physician-driven non-population- and electronic-based instrument implemented for the retrospective and prospective collection of real-life data about demographics, clinical, therapeutic, laboratory, instrumental and socioeconomic information from BD patients; the Registry is based on the Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) tool, which is thought to collect standardised information for clinical real-life research, and has been realised to change over time according to future scientific acquisitions and potentially communicate with other existing and future Registries dedicated to BD. Starting from January 31st, 2021, to February 7th, 2022, 110 centres from 23 countries in 4 continents have been involved. Fifty-four of these have already obtained the approval from their local Ethics Committees. Currently, the platform counts 290 users (111 Principal Investigators, 175 Site Investigators, 2 Lead Investigators, and 2 data managers). The Registry collects baseline and follow-up data using 5993 fields organised into 16 instruments, including patient's demographics, history, clinical manifestations and symptoms, trigger/risk factors, therapies and healthcare access. The development of the AIDA International Registry for BD patients will facilitate the collection of standardised data leading to real-world evidence, enabling international multicentre collaborative research through data sharing, international consultation, dissemination of knowledge, inclusion of patients and families, and ultimately optimisation of scientific efforts and implementation of standardised care.Trial registration NCT05200715 in 21/01/2022.

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TitleDevelopment and implementation of the AIDA International Registry for patients with Behçet's disease.
Issue nameInternal and emergency medicine
Issue numberv17.7:1977-1986
AuthorsVitale A, Della Casa F, Ragab G, Almaghlouth IA, Lopalco G, Pereira RM, Guerriero S, Govoni M, Sfikakis PP, Giacomelli R, Ciccia F, Monti S, Ruscitti P, Piga M, Lomater C, Tufan A, Opris-Belinski D, Emmi G, Hernández-Rodríguez J, Şahin A, Sebastiani GD, Bartoloni E, Akkoç N, Gündüz ÖS, Cattalini M, Conti G, Hatemi G, Maier A, Parronchi P, Del Giudice E, Erten S, Insalaco A, Li Gobbi F, Maggio MC, Shahram F, Caggiano V, Hegazy MT, Asfina KN, Morrone M, Prado LL, Dammacco R, Ruffilli F, Arida A, Navarini L, Pantano I, Cavagna L, Conforti A, Cauli A, Marucco EM, Kucuk H, Ionescu R, Mattioli I, Espinosa G, Araújo O, Karkaş B, Canofari C, Sota J, Laymouna AH, Bedaiwi AA, Colella S, Giardini HAM, Albano V, Lo Monaco A, Fragoulis GE, Kardas RC, Berlengiero V, Hussein MA, Ricci F, La Torre F, Rigante D, Więsik-Szewczyk E, Frassi M, Gentileschi S, Tosi GM, Dagostin MA, Mahmoud AAA, Tarsia M, Alessio G, Cimaz R, Giani T, Gaggiano C, Iannone F, Cipriani P, Mourabi M, Spedicato V, Barneschi S, Aragona E, Balistreri A, Frediani B, Fabiani C & Cantarini L
KeywordsAutoinflammatory diseases, Behçet’s disease, International registry, Precision medicine, Rare diseases, Uveitis
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