Catalogue of Services

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Innovation EWG

To help the ERN community in understanding the process of translation and to support their collective ability to develop knowledge into patient benefit, a catalogue of current translational research services available to the rare diseases research community has been developed. It was designed to be complementary to the resources and tools collected within the European Joint Programme for Rare Diseases (EJP RD), and the Innovation Management Toolbox (under development). The catalogue is currently static (Excel document) but will be transformed into a searchable online database for easy referencing by ERNs.

The catalogue lists various support services provided by national and European organisations and initiatives, ranging from samples, data & databases, technologies & facilities, models & tools to expertise & support.

You can sort the table by selecting one of the categories in the top row. This will help you to find specific information based on service category and/ or country.

Please inform us if you experience any problems with the catalogue (i.e incorrect or outdated information, broken links etc) via